Turn Around & Shutdowns

CCM has a unique focus on STO Services. What sets ourselves apart from others, is the ability to offer Specialized OEM Partner services coupled with Full STO Management, by providing encompassing Turnover Indexes. This cornerstone service reduces time in planning and execution. We have a demonstrated history of executing overhauls from Gas Turbines to Compressors, and all the in between. Our clients will ultimately save in lost production with our approach.

Scheduling & Planning

Rotating equipment planning and scheduling services involve the management and coordination of maintenance activities for rotating equipment, such as pumps, compressors, turbines, and motors. These services aim to optimize equipment performance, reliability, and longevity by creating a comprehensive plan and a detailed schedule for executing the plan. By conducting regular maintenance tasks. Identifying potential issues, and addressing them promptly, these services help to enhance equipment reliability, increase lifespan, improve safety, optimize resource utilization, and minimize production downtime, ultimately ensuring the efficient operation of industrial facilities.

Procurement & Material Management

Throughout the procurement and material management lifecycle, CCM can: consult, execute or manage any or all stages. Having robust knowledge of the material and services required to execute the scope of work is critical to STO success. Therefore, utilizing CCMs rotating equipment experts in the procurement process enhances the success of this essential stage in the STO.

Execution Readiness

In our experience owners who pay close attention to execution readiness achieve better STO performance. Review of the STOs team understanding of scope, critical path and scheduling is established by performing a multitude of checks and steps.
Do the work packages clearly define the QA/QC processes and personnel required for completed task sign-offs?
Have field walkouts with owners and Craft been completed?
Has the Communication Plan been established and tested for schedule changes, safety issues and cost controls?


CCMs approach to STO Execution always begins with a Detailed Execution Plan. Inside our Execution Plan are clearly defined organization charts, QA/QC required documents, as well as all listed work packages. By encompassing these steps with management, we can complete work scopes on everything from the balance of plant equipment to the plant’s power generation system.

Intelligent Cost Tracking

STO performance is determined by accurate estimating, forecasting and cost control. Utilizing structured cost data allows for benchmarking and measuring performance through the STO lifecycle, as well as in between STO Projects. CCM in association with Advando can execute Intelligent Cost Tracking to monitor KPIs by identifying STO’s real performance with the ability to compare previous STOs.

Turn over Index

Understanding previous STOs is essential in preparing and executing future STOs. CCMs comprehensive Turnover Index not only holds a record of the STO, but it also additionally guides the STO team’s judgment while preparing for future STOs through:
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