Install & Commission

Rotating Equipment is essential in various industries, and proper installation is crucial for its efficient and reliable operation. Cross Canada Millwright executes leveling, grouting, laser tracking to ensure the install goes as accurate as possible. Levelling ensures that the equipment is placed on a flat surface, preventing any issues related to uneven load distribution. Grouting preservation involves filling gaps between the equipment and it’s foundation with a specialized material to enhance stability, reduce vibrations, and protect against external forces. Laser tracking is used to align the equipment accurately, ensuring optimal performance and minimalizing wear and tear. Commissioning refers to the process of testing and verifying the equipment functionality before it is put into full operation. This includes checking for any leaks, calibrating instruments, and ensuring all safety measures are in place. By following these steps during installation and commission, rotating equipment can be installed correctly and operate efficiently, ensuring productivity and safety in industrial processes.
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