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CCM is fully equipped to provide on site solutions to manage and preserve industrial equipment.

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Machinery can often sit idle for various reasons including waiting for site construction completion so preservation is a must!

If these machines are not properly preserved it is quite likely that the equipment will fail. Unless storage measures have been specified during the time of purchase, most machinery is not prepared for lengthy on site storage once shipped from the manufacturer.

Preservation services of sensitive machinery such as pumps, compressors and turbines is crucial to ensuring that the equipment will be in top working order once commissioned.

Specific procedures for protection against corrosion and equipment failure will depend on the type of equipment, how long it will be inactive and the installation time needed prior to use.

Depending on the equipment type, CCM preservation services include but are not limited to:

-Purging equipment fluids
- Filling housings & casings with oil
- Caulking & sealing shaft openings
- Coating exposed machine parts with corrosion inhibitor
- Regular equipment rotation (motors, turbines, gears, etc)
- Visual inspections
- Draining condensation
- Adding oil with rust preventative
- Fogging interiors with rust preventative where applicable
- Oil mist lubrication
- and more...

Companies look to CCM for recommending the best preservation procedures in order to keep their equipment in top performing condition.

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